This NEW machine includes:

3 C7 ball screws 16mm X 5mm pitch

3 ball nuts for minimal...



This NEW machine includes:

The longer table option. Table size is 700mm X 160mm

3 C7 ball screws 16mm X 5mm pitch

3 ball nuts for minimal backlash

2 nema 23 motors for X & Y 570 oz/in 5A 1/4″ Dual Shaft Stepper Motors.

1 nema 34 motor for Z. 906 oz/in 6A stepper motor

Limit switches for all axis’

Pokeys57 controller that can handle up to 8 axis’. Look at it HERE

Control software is Mach4 software. It can be viewed HERE

The software comes with a touch screen Laptop with everything set up.

Zero backlash helical couplings for X, Y & Z

All aluminum parts anodized to be scratch and corrosion resistant.

All stainless steel hardware.

The machine has been proven in. The motors tuned and set. Tuned for no backlash. It is plug and play for your convenience.

This comes with a one year full warranty on everything but the laptop.

Check out machine specs HERE

Additional information

Weight 600 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 48 in

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