MPG/Hand Pendant



PoPendant1C is reliable industrial grade CNC Pendant

PoPendant1C is rugged industrial grade CNC pendant. It allows simple and fast control of the movement on CNC machines hence all CNC routers, mills, plasma or others can be precisely controlled. Also it don’t needs a battery for operation. Above all cable operation is important for reliable operation. Because of thick and robust coiled cable there is a less interrupts in a CNC operation.

Among E-stop button, enable push button, there is also a 6 axis and speed selector. Precise control of the machine is possible due to precise 100 pulses per revolution manual pulse generator (MPG). Powerful magnet holds it on CNC machine or other metal surfaces.


  • Works with any software such as Mach3, Mach, LinuxCNC and others
  • Works with any CNC controller with appropriate inputs including PoKeys57CNC parallel port and others
  • Direct support in PoKeys plugin for Mach3 and Mach4
  • Metallic hand wheel (MPG) with professional look and feel.
  • Axis selector knob. X, Y, Z, 4, 5 and 6
  • Jogging resolution or speed selector knob.
  • E-Stop Button and Enable push button (Dead man switch), because of safety
  • Jog “ON” LED.
  • Integrated magnet for holding on the  metal surface.
  • Quadrature encoder with 100 pulses per revolution with detent per pulse, also +5VDC A and B output.
  • Requires only +5VDC power supply only
  • All TTL +5VDC or +3.3VDC Signals. Interface directly with PoKeys57CNCPoKeys57EPoKeys57U or parallel port.
  • 5VDC (TTL) signals are very common among automation devices.

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